A Day Early Even

My landlord suggested
as she peered
over my shoulder
and into the house,
that she had some
free time and
would be happy
to tidy up the place
if I ever needed her.

And through my horror
and embarrassment
I thanked her, but said
“No, I promise I’ll find
some time here soon
to clean up the place.
Thanks for the offer,”
and scurried away.

I mean, there are only
3 or 4 dirty dishes
in the sink but they’ve
been there all week
and there are only
2 or 3 pairs of shoes
thrown around the room
but there are at least
2 other pairs lined up
in the closet where
they’re supposed to be.

I have no excuse for the
2 empty beer bottles
except that I had company
and then I got distracted.

I’ve only spent 2 nights
in this house all week
and I’m starting to
forget which day
ended which way
so I beg your forgiveness
while I’m starting my life
back up and over again.

Anyway, as god as my witness –
I’ll pay my rent on time.


2 thoughts on “A Day Early Even

  1. northernmalewhite says:

    My landlady suggested
    As she peered over my shoulder
    I could work my rent off
    In another way
    As her dressing gown
    I offered to do the dishes



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