Another day.

A new one.

Another person

to explain it to.

Another breath

caught in the lump

in my throat because

the truth is big and

tough to digest.


I do hope that my

litany of official

diagnoses is not

the most interesting

thing about me but

on the other hand

it sure does make

life interesting.


I have a tendency

to drag my skeletons

out of the closet

regularly so we can

dance and stay limber.


I guess my point is:

whatever you are

be that

without exception

or excuse

and people

will see you

and know who you are.

It’s much easier than

having to explain it all

again, ad nauseum

to each person you meet.


And to be honest

I’m not sure I know

exactly who it is I am

but I know how to be her

and I do it every day

without exception

or excuse.



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