Social Commentary Spurred by … Stupid People.

Apparently everything that used to get me
beat up for my troubles in my youth has
escaped unscathed in a socially acceptable
and even envied position by the public.

Good to know.

But just to keep you all up to speed –
If the only vampires you know sparkle, stop.

Just stop.

I’ve had prescription glasses since I was like,
10 years old, and yours don’t make you look
cool, or ironic, or cerebral, or anything.

Farbeit for me to turn around
and beat on you, society,
for all the things you
tried to beat out of me,
but really – we’re not convinced.

We are highly amused,
but we’re not convinced.


Just stop.



I’m sorry if this seems weird (for me) or catty. But I’m just… I’m just facepalming at the world lately. My collection of My Little Pony’s are VINTAGE, damn you! Sigh.


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