There’s a difference
between “I can’t”
and “I mustn’t,”
between “I won’t”
and “I shouldn’t.”

“Pretty this up
and while you’re at it,

You’re lazy and
good for nothing
and I don’t think
it’s fair that you’re
allowed to be
that way simply
because the universe
knows I’ll always
be here to clean it up.

There’s a difference
between “because I don’t want to”
and “because I want you to.”

It would be easier to find
buried treasure than to
see myself out of this.

There’s this thought
in my head and
I won’t let it out.
I can’t let you hear it
and give myself away.

It took longer
than it should have
to figure out what
I meant to be.
There’s so much
I care about because
I thought I was supposed to,
so much I’m accused of being
simply because people
don’t bother to ask.

Just because
you’re not here
to hear me say it
doesn’t mean that it
isn’t true or that I didn’t
shout it as loudly as I could.

But that wouldn’t be pretty.
And I need to pretty this up.
And while I’m at it, myself.

I’m nothing if not
a good little soldier.


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