Which One

You’re the one who
takes me where
I need to go.

You’re the one who
waits patiently
at my door.

You’re the one who
knows what I’m saying
when I’m not saying it.

You’re the one who
left and came back and
left and then stayed.

You’re the one who
said nothing could
drag you away again.

I’m the one who
finally believes you.



So many things
happened last night.

I’m still trying to
sort out the truth
from the fantasy.

But I’m pretty sure
you kissed me.

Are you sure
that was wise?

I’ll break
your heart
in the end.

I can practically
guarantee it.

But something tells me
you wouldn’t mind.

You’re a sweet man.
Almost definitely too.

I’m nearly certain
that you kissed me
goodnight and
I don’t think
it was a smart
thing to do.



Take deep breaths.
For at least ten minutes.
Every day.
Around 5:30.

Answer the phone
when it rings
if you want to
but only
if you want to
and don’t feel bad
when you do
or you don’t.

Offer your help
or your hand
or whatever
and don’t take it
personally when
you are rebuffed.

Remember it’s
the ask that matters
and there’s only
one person you have
control over and that
one person is you.

Tell him you love him.

Tell her she’s wrong.

Tell them to stop it.

Tell yourself you’re fine.
Over and over again
tell yourself you’re fine.

Work on not crying
when you do.

Go where
your feet
take you.

Forget where you are
coming from and
don’t even think
about where you
are going just
face yourself
toward the sun
and start walking.


All The Moments

I’m obsessed with
all the moments
when you’re not
touching me.

When you are
turned away
and staring
out the window
because you don’t
want me to see
the sadness
in your eyes
before your gaze
comes back to me.

I’m obsessed with
all the moments
when you’re
barely touching me.

When your arm
is wrapped
around me
and I am
turned away
but wondering
what you see and
where exactly
your eyes wander.

I’m obsessed with
all the moments
when you’re
touching me.

When your lips
travel the same route
that your eyes take
across my body
and kiss the skin
still warm from
your touch as we
turn toward
each other.
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To Whom It May Concern

It concerns me
that I had to stretch
my imagination and
my memory further
than I care to
in order to
remember you.

It is in
your best interest
to show some interest
post haste.

Join the queue
if that is what
you decide to do.


Sweetheart, Let Him Be

There are so
many reasons
why I gave up
on you a long
time ago but
then you said

“I tried
and I messed it up
and I was wondering
if we could
try again?”

I should say no
because it’s a bad idea
because I’ll break your heart
because I have a long list
and you’re last on it…

But the look in your eyes.
The sincerity in your face.
The chance you took when
this moment could have
swept past us unnoticed

has me thinking
“sweetheart, let him be,”
but saying
“you have my number.”


Left Me

Not long
after we met
I distinctly
lying in bed
and calling up
the feeling of
your arms
around me –
their weight
and the sense
of comfort
they brought.

It meant so much
because it had
been so long
and it is a trick
I utilized until
you left me.

It is harder
for me now
to call up
the physical
but the feeling
of calm still

maybe stronger

because it has
moved deeper.

I don’t hold you
at arm’s length
anymore and
it means so much
because it has
been far too long
and I hope I never
forget how it feels
even after you
have left me.