I can’t remember
the last time
you spoke to me.

Am I going deaf
or have you
gone mute?

The silence
is louder than
everything else.

And I fear
I’ll lose my hearing
from all the noise.



Send me flowers
on my birthday.

It’s either that
or go away.

I’d much rather
that you stay.

But there’s no excuse
for all this delay.

Send me flowers
on my birthday.

Or just pack up and
I’ll point the way.

I can’t stop you
if you care to stray.

Just send goodbye
flowers for my birthday.



“Do you do it that way
because she taught you?”
he asked, and I looked
down at the pile of
sliced banana.

“I don’t know,”
I said. “I’ve just
always done it
this way.

Everything I ever needed to know I learned how to learn from Eva.


I’ll Wait

It’s the smell,
you understand.
And the way
that it feels.

It reminds me
of innocence,
a little, and the
days we aren’t
going to get back.

The dictionary
describes it as a
strong, yet
flexible bond.

Can you think of
a better way
to illustrate
what happens
when your body
is wrapped
around mine?


Hold My Breath

I’ll hold my breath.

I’ll stand pinned
between this rock
and hardest place.

Pushing on both sides
hoping to keep the
balance taut enough
that the world doesn’t
come crashing down.

I’ll hold my breath.

And in this moment
between the first breath
and the next I will keep
this house of cards intact.

If I can keep it
all together and
stop it all from
exploding then
maybe it can be
yesterday again
or at least
this morning.

I’ll hold my breath
as if I hold all the
solutions within
my rib cage which
is cracking under
the pressure but

I’ll hold my breath.

There’s nothing else
I can do and if I can
just hold my breath
the next moment
will never come.