I keep trying
to figure out
what’s wrong
with my day

and can’t decide
what’s missing

until you
say, “Hello.”


Me, Too

I have loved
good men.

But not all
good men
know how
to give
good love.

Don’t say,
“I’m nice.
I’m good.
I’m safe.”

Just be nice.
Just be good.
Just be safe.
I couldn’t help it.



It’s a shortcut
as much as it
is a cop out,
a way to get to
what I think is
most important.

It’s a test
as much as it
is a failing,
and we both
get it wrong
every time.

Is it raining
because I can’t
stop crying
or is it the
other way


Once Too Many

It’s the end
Of us

And I really do
Hate this part.

And the look
Of satisfaction
On her face.
The argument could be made we never started to begin with, and I wouldn’t argue the point.


Small Life

Life seems big.

Which is the
opposite of
the way
I like to
live it.

But when
I take a
closer look
I notice

all the small
that piles up
to make it
seem big.

And I can
live with that.

I like to
live small.
But it all
seems big.

So I pick out
the small things
and hold them
even tighter.