The Things That Matter

Just breathe.

Remember that
you will never be
as important to them
as you are to yourself
and that what they
think doesn’t matter
in the end, anyhow.

Don’t waste your breath
or any moment more
than necessary on the
thought that what they
require equals all that
you are worth.

This day is of
no consequence.
This task is
of no import.

The things that matter
are real and tangible.

Not the detritus
that greets you
every morning
but the warmth
that welcomes
you every night.


Hold the Door

Why is it that time
scares me so much
less these days than
it ever has before?

I may not be old,
but my actions
can’t be excused
by youth anymore.

But I love the lines
I find on my face
in the mirror
because they mean
that I have made it
further than I ever
thought I would
in bygone days.

I remember the past
but I don’t live there.
I like it so much
better here anyway.

You can come
with me if you
want to, you know.

I’ll hold the door.
You fascinate me, I admit it. Let me prove useful.


We Are

Can I thank you
for existing when
I should probably
spend more time
wishing you had
never been born?

Or at least that
we had never met?

But you do.
And you have.
And we did.

So thank you.
Since you’re here
you might as well know
that I like being with you
because I understand better
exactly who it is that I am.

You don’t do that.

It is not because of
any specific action
on your part but
I see her better,
when I look
in your eyes.

So thank you
for existing
even though
so much about
my life would be
easier had you
never been born.

Or at least if your
gaze had not
landed on me
that first time
I looked into
your eyes.

But it did.
And you were.
And we are.



There’s been a spot
reserved for you
on the bottom of
my dance card for
longer than I care
to admit but I still
hold out hope you
will take me for a spin
around the dance floor.

I promise I will
take it easy.
You can lead
but I’ll take charge.

Just once
around the
What have you
got to lose?



It’s ok if you
get angry.

In fact,
I would prefer it.

You can even
take it out on
me if it helps.

Do you understand?

While it may not be
what I want for you
I don’t feel as if I have
a choice and when it
comes to you
I never really did.

And I accept that.
Openly, fully
and with no

All I ever wanted
was for you to
really see me.

And now
more than ever
all you really need
is to be seen.

I cannot see my way
out of this mess
but I can promise
I will always
see you.


What Do I Know

Short sighted.

You can try
to throw
those words
at me if it
makes you
feel better.

But the truth is
I’m highly motivated.
My priorities are
chiseled into stone.
They are not
the same as yours.
And if you ever bothered
to ask my opinion I would
tell you that they aren’t
supposed to be.

I think that’s the point.

My generation demands
a return on our investment
and we won’t do what you
have always done just
because you have
always done it.

I may be spoiled
but really that
is on you just
as much as me.

You can call
me ungrateful
and I will try
not to let you
see me cry or
know how sad
and misunderstood
that makes me feel.

But I’m not shortsighted.
I just don’t see things
the way that you do.
And I think that should
make you proud.

But what do I know…



It gets away from you.


You can’t remember
where you started.
Or if you’re headed
where you meant to go.

I think the thing to do
is act as if it’s all going
exactly how you planned.

Like you meant for it
to get away from you.

As if you wanted to see
where it would go
on its own.