Hello, December

Hello, December –
I have a surprise.
I’m actually
to see you.

Do you remember
all of those times
in the same way
that I do?

In like an ember
and warm
threatening but
only if mistreated.

You stay
on your side
and I’ll stay
on mine
and history
won’t be

Hello, December
I need you to know,
I’ll be here for
every single minute.

So much is coming
so much will go
and so much is
held within it.

This is for us now,
for you and for me
and for once I will
try to forgive you.

For all the things
you’ve taken and
even the promises
you kept
when they did not
mean to you
what I do.


The Not Right Man

Oh, no one is claiming
you’re the right man
for the job but the
wrong one is, well,
wrong, and the
right one has
fallen asleep on
the job so I say
bring it on, my dear,
you know where
I am and I’m waiting –
as I always have for
you to be the
not right man for me.


The Worst of You

As frightened as I am
by the asking,
I am often glad –
after the fact –
that I’ve asked
for the thing
I don’t get
so I know
my disappointment
is justified, quantifiable,
and easily identified.

And I’m sorry.
As always.
I am sorry
that I asked.

I wish I could say
that I don’t need you
and mean it.

But I can’t and I do
and it will get the
best of me every time
while I get the
worst of you.


I Will Not Let You Die

I stood quietly in the circle
holding my siblings hands
eyes fixed on a point
a few feet in front of me
while my mind kept repeating

I will not let you die
I will not let you die
I will not let you die

and then I squeezed
my sister’s hand
all the while wondering
if she felt it.


Housing Shortage


Sometimes I need reminded.

Originally posted on Betsy Roses:

I tried to live small.
I took a narrow bed.
I held my elbows to my sides.
I tried to step carefully
And to think softly
And to breathe shallowly
In my portion of air
And to disturb no one.

Yet see how I spread out and I cannot help it.
I take to myself more and more, and I take nothing
That I do not need, but my needs grow like weeds,
All over and invading; I clutter this place
With all the apparatus of living.
You stumble over it daily.

And then my lungs take their fill.
And then you gasp for air.
Excuse me for living,
But, since I am living,
Given inches, I take yards,
Taking yards, dream of miles,
And a landscape, unbounded
And vast in abandon.

You too dreaming the same.

Naomi Replansky

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Isn’t There

It happens
every single day
all around me.

To my closest friends
and to perfect strangers.

And I’m glad the world is
still capable of pushing
and pulling people
toward each other.

I’ve long since stopped
wondering what it is
about them or rather
about me that means
they get to have it
and I do not.

I’ve been down the road
before where that thought
process leads and it is even
lonelier than the path that
I am currently on so I always
make sure to turn away.

I am not sorry that
I am so large.
That I am not sorry
for who I am.

Even though I understand
that it is a large part
of the problem.

No one wants me
for who I am and
I would never stoop
to being someone
else so someone
would want me.

So I’ll just sit here.
Watching it happen
every single day
all around me.

I’ll write about it.
I’ll take the words
to bed with me to
take the place of
the warm body
that isn’t there.

That isn’t there.
Another one bites the dust.