How To

I can’t think
of any reason
why you’d
look at your feet
instead of
straight ahead.

One foot
in front
of the other.

Chin up

Good for
the posture
as well as
the self worth.

If you don’t
walk into
a room
like you
own it

I don’t know
how to help you.


I Would Change the World

I would change
The world for you
If I could.

For the obvious reason
That it doesn’t behave

But also because
I honestly believe
It would be easier
To remake the world
Than it would be to
Readjust you to it.

I’m not very important
In the scheme of things
And neither are you.

The world doesnt
Owe us anything
Least of all

I’m obsessed
With myself
In a radical way

But I don’t
have time
To worry about
My place in
The world
Or to compare it
To where I think
It should be or
Where anyone else
Would place it.

I would change
The world for you
If I could

But I’m not very important
In the scheme of things
And neither are you.



You tell me
you’re leaving
but you won’t
take me with you
and I hope

when I say
“Bring me back
something warm,”

you hear
“Wrap a little
of that warmth
around your fingers
and then wrap those
around me when
you get back.”

2017 has been a rough one, poetry-writing-wise.


The Weight

I tell myself
I want to be
someone else.

As if some
other girl
could do
this better.

As if
the girl
I am can’t
do this
at all.

But then
you come
and take
the weight.

And at first
I think
I’ve forgotten.

But then
I remember.

Flip the script.

And take
the weight
from you.


Another Saturday Night

You promised
you would call,
but you didn’t.

I was sitting
in my chair
with my book
open on my lap
and my fingers
crossed that
you’d forget me.

So I have to
thank you for
giving me another
Saturday night
to sit at home and
go somewhere else.



There are
some things
I will never
tire of.

Like the sound
the rain makes
on the rooftop.

Like the way
I find the spot
just inside
your shoulder
to rest
my head in
and cry.

Like how
they feel
the same