You say
let’s have dinner
but we won’t.

You say
I will call
but you don’t.

You say
what you think
I want to hear.

Just one more.
I dare you.
I swear I’ll disappear.
I’m lying, of course. But see how they sparkle?


What Keeps You Warm?

I know the answers
to the questions that
you’re afraid to ask,

before you even
think to ask them.

And I’ll just stand here.

In my all-knowing,
bad-ass, too much for
you and most people
kind of way and wait.

Until the question
comes to you.

And then I
come to you

with the answer.


Not Sad

I’m not sad
that I’m
not happy.

I’m not sure
I’m convinced
that happy
people exist.

No, really,
I’m not sad
that I’m
not happy.

what a waste
of time it
would be
to be sad
that I’m
not happy.

I’d rather
just be
and glad
that I’m
not sad.
Is this not the dorkiest thing you’ve read today? I don’t care, it’s all true.