Another Saturday Night

You promised
you would call,
but you didn’t.

I was sitting
in my chair
with my book
open on my lap
and my fingers
crossed that
you’d forget me.

So I have to
thank you for
giving me another
Saturday night
to sit at home and
go somewhere else.



There are
some things
I will never
tire of.

Like the sound
the rain makes
on the rooftop.

Like the way
I find the spot
just inside
your shoulder
to rest
my head in
and cry.

Like how
they feel
the same


Put Me Right

I wake up
just in time
but too soon.

Parts of me
ache just right
and all I want

is to crawl
back into bed
and remember

how I got
that way
and who

it was that
turned me
inside out

and then
put me
right again.